What happened to The LabourBristol website?

I think the more important question is, what happened to the Labour party?

The trots of threatening me with disciplinary action for taking back control of my website. It appears they feel very strongly that what is mine should be theirs, and struggle with the concepts of ownership and freedom of expression. After some careful thought, my response can be summed up quite simply:

I'm more than happy to give my domain to the Labour party... but I can't actually see a recognisable Labour party or any evidence for competent leadership. Should the Labour party reappear, I'll happy give them this domain (as I had attempted to do multiple times in previous years). In case you've forgotten what the Labour party and competent leadership looks like, here is a useful video:

Quite simply the party has been under attack by a movement led by two Elitists from privileged backgrounds, portraying themselves as acting on behalf of the working man. One of those people is James Schneider, who grew up in a £7 million mansion thanks to proceeds of huge alleged fraud who voted Green and Lib dem at the last two elections. The other is Jon Lansman who also grew up in luxury and attended Cambridge, with links to a tax shelter finance group.

The private company they are using as their vehicle to seize power is Momentum Campaigns Ltd.

They promote themselves as a working class peoples movement, as anti-establishment. But they are anything but. Jon Lansman has been involved in politics for many, many years, and is firmly part of the establishment. They say they want an end to career politicians, but Corbyn is a career politician - he was a councillor then an MP, he's never known any other kind of job.

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The Truth about Momentum

Looking at the privacy policy on their site, they are "Jeremy for Labour Ltd", but that company doesn't exist (Update: This page was first written in June 2016. At that time Momentum had updated their site to state "Jeremy for Labour Ltd" seemingly before the companies registration was actually complete and visible on the Companies House website; the company is now showing up as registered) They are harvesting peoples personal information, but "Jeremy for Labour Ltd" isn't registered with the ICO. There is no statement about the data controller, so they are breaking the Data Protection Act.

Digging deeper it turns out Jeremy for Labour Ltd is just the latest in a series of name changes. But it's not alone, you have three companies, all with just one director, Jon Lansman. Why three separate companies for the same purpose? That is unclear. It's a "peoples movement", so you'd expect them to be a charity? No. Not for profit? No. A community interest company? No. It's a private company (or three of them) with one dictator director with absolute control. Who are they accountable to? No one. What is their organisation structure? Who knows. Where does all the membership money go? Not a clue. Are they democratic? Certainly not. Afraid? You should be. Because they've proved very good at manipulating their members, and using them to manipulate the Labour party.

Searching the ICO registry for Momentum Campaign Ltd brings up a result. Unlike their website, here you can see that they are harvesting information not just about supporters, but also the electorate - that's you and me. They are collecting information on us, without providing the DPA legal notices on their site, and are engaged in "information sharing" to political organisations, business associates and professional advisers, financial organisations, etc., sometime even transferring your personal information overseas. There have been unconfirmed reports of data breaches. That's Labour membership information has been handed over to Momentum. To this opaque non democratic organisation, that is not complying with data protection laws.

One thing is very clearly, these elitists are feeding those who join the movement a very distorted view of the political world. Casting MPs as evil traitors that should be harassed and threatened to do what Momentum wants. From physically threatening MPs, to a storm of social media attacks. This has even hit us here in Bristol. Just look at this write up by Ruth Davies, then look at the comments. The Momentum machine is quick to attack anyone who speaks out and label them as part of a conspiracy. This is reminiscent of Russia's aggressive online propaganda policy.

The real conspiracy lies with Momentum, and I have grave fears over the future of the Labour party.

Update: Buzzfeed has ran an interesting article on the Momentum companies.

Update: I've been sent in an audio sample from that meeting from an anonymous source, you hear Thangam talking, then people from the audience booing and one shouting "Filth! Traitor!". - Whomever sent this in, I've tried replying to you. Are there other samples that you are able to provide? - Thanks for sending more in! Sorry to keep asking for more, but are you able to indentify any of the people shouting out abuse by name?

How Momentum are manipulating Labour Party voting

It's actually a frighteningly simple formula. The majority of local votes, nominations, etc., are carried out at party meetings. Let's take the recent Bristol East nomination meeting as an example. In the constituency there are around 800 members. The meeting turn out was much higher than usual, at 76, which is still less than 10% of members. In the run up to such meetings members are supposed to be notified, however many who are not engaged in social media will often complain that they do not receive notification. So to tip the balance in a meeting, and get your candidate in, you really don't need to get many people to turn up... In steps Momentum.

Step 1: Push a narrow view of Labour and find recruits

Now bear in mind, that Labour has always been a broad church, with political views roughly from centre to left. Momentum has a very narrow view of what the Labour party should be. They actively work to indoctrinate people to register with their company, usually targeting greens or disillusioned voters, encouraging them to join Labour, then make damn sure they turn up to meetings.

Step 2: Get them to the meetings

Looking back at the Bristol East example, the meeting normally would have been much smaller. The voting was 52 for Corbyn, 20 against, with 4 spoiled. Consider that normally this would have been around 30-40 people. The vote would have been much more evenly split. It hasn't taken many extra people to tip the balance. Momentum subscribers do not been to be representative of the party membership, they just need to ensure that they get enough people to meetings.

Step 3: Remove the traitors

As any non-Corbyn supporter who is active on social media will tell you, attacks on your membership are commonplace. Expect to be called a "Red Tory", and be actively told to leave labour and "join the Tories". Anyone who does not conform to the one true faith that is Corbynism must be purged. Most importantly, these people must be put off going to meetings. Following the toxic Bristol West meeting, many have requested security guarantees for the nomination meeting - none have come. Non-Corbyn supporters have been made to feel unsafe at meetings, further distorting any votes.

Step 4: Cleanse Social Media

Once you have your pro-Corbyn candidates nominated as social media officers, you can set about silencing the non-believers. I was recently banned from the Labour Bristol Facebook for making comments in support of Owen and against Corbyn, their reasoning "I'd like to remind you that Corbyn is the democratically elected leader of the party at the moment". I pointed out that there is a leadership contest happening right now, but was ignored. Now the Bristol Labour facebook groups are awash with Corbyn supporters openly mocking non-supporters, and if a non-support steps out of line, they are removed.

Update: Evidence has emerged that collaborates my views. See this letter from Tom Watson in the Mirror.

Momentum members all bad?

No. Lots, if not many of them are decent people who are frustrated with politics. They want to be part of change, but unfortunately don't really understand what they are signing up to or promoting. Take a look here, this article about Bullying of Momentum organisers was quickly hidden.

The truth about Corbyn

Corbyn presents himself as a man of the working class, but he's anything but. He grew up in a manor, and attended a private school. Despite having high quality private education he left with only two grade E A-levels. Private school students are expected to perform better than state school ones. They are expecting to achieve 3-4 A levels, all A-C. Even the average students will get 3 A-levels grade B-D. Corbyn is very below average, in fact, he would have been at the bottom of the class. He managed to get into university, but dropped out. He became a career politician, first councillor then MP. He's known no other work.

Prime minister is the most important job in the country. Corbyn is ill equipped to lead the party, let alone be prime minister.

Here are a couple of excellent articles on why Corbyn will be the death of labour and why Corbynism is so terrifying.

I'd like to say a lot more about him, but some people like Elex Andreou have already done such a great job.


Unexpectedly, this page has been picked up by the national press, I've been dubbed an "Activist". Enquiries can be mailed to me.

This site featured on the BBC, Sky News, ITV, Business Insider, Bristol Post, and Buzzfeed. Unfortunately Sky News have mistakenly implicated Ben Lock as they found the .org instead of the .org.uk domain. I'm sorry if this causes you any grief Ben.

Secret information for theCanary: Clearly this was organised by MI5, instigated by Portland Communications and funded by Tony Blair. With help at times from Elvis (who still lives), the fakers of the moon landings, and I certainly couldn't have done it without the guidance from the Rothschild family and Israel... as for motivation, it was all about oil.

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